Math On!


Professional Development Revamped

Bring more engaging Professional Development into the classroom by reinforcing math and computational thinking for students as you hone your own programming skills.


  • Exercise math concepts being covered in class while simultaneously building competency in coding
  • Implement lessons in digestible units just one day per week 
  • Easily build lesson plans via Google slides
  • Custom-tailor topics to the material and classroom, based on your syllabus
  • Panucation will be there to guide you and support the whole process

We’re currently seeking 5th, 6th and combo teachers and principals interested in committing to the pilot starting August, 2022.  This program will be available for two semesters; August – December 2022 and January – April 2023.


Twelve-week sessions are recommended; however, we will consider 6-week sessions if that timeframe is too long.

Both new and continuing sessions can be started in the second semester.


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Classes are based on Scratch and the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s “Getting Unstuck.”

Scratch is a programming language and an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games and animation.

Use of Scratch, user-generated content, and support materials is permitted under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

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Class : Mars Pioneer


Students use block code to build an interplanetary story and game. Multi-themed projects include elements of storytelling, art, animation, music, and game design all in one. Projects emphasize creativity by encouraging students to build their unique stories each day.

Intermediate Level course is suitable for students familiar with block coding.

Class Levels:  Intro for Ages 7-12, Intermediate for Ages 9-12 Prerequisite for Intermediate: My First Intro to Coding! or previous course

1. Design Your Journey

Tell your story. Who’s going, create/draw your ship, prepare Perseverance for launch.

2. Launch & Transit

 Animating departure from Earth and through space. Is there an imposter on board?!

3: Land & Explore

Create a game to land on target. Explore and decide what (or who) you’ll find.

4: Drone Time

Launch the drone, Ingenuity, and create your scrolling background effect as it flies.

5: Should I stay or should I go?

How does your story end, or does it continue to the next chapter?

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn to connect online, screen share, use chat to communicate with Coach and fellow students (on-line collaboration via Zoom)
  • Learn fundamentals of computer science using Scratch
  • Multi-day projects include integrated elements of storytelling, art, animation, music, and game design.

For 4th to 7th grade classes, there are additional learning outcomes:

  • Students add depth to their creations with additional project coding.
  • Intermediate level classes cover material faster to allow for more coding depth to projects
1 Week
7 - 8 (2nd - 3rd grades)
9 - 12 (4th - 7th grades)
Five 60 minute sessions
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